Taksim Square, Istanbul.
Photo by Joshua Tartakovsky (C) All Rights Reserved. 2016


By Joshua Tartakovsky, 23 March 2016

On March 19, a suicide bomber blew himself up in Istiklal street, by Taksim, Istanbul. And today, March 22, a major terror attack took place in Brussels airport and Maelbeek metro station.

The Islamic State took responsibility for both attacks.

A few questions:

Since President Erdogan has been directly supporting ISIS and is buying ISIS’ oil, imprisoning journalists who photographed trucks carrying weapons to ISIS while his son Bilal has been laundering money in Bologna, since in Istanbul everyone knows that ISIS people frequent a certain area, who is responsible for the terror attack in Istanbul?

The Deep State in Turkey is not a small body. Was it sleeping or is it collaborating with ISIS as the Pakistani ISI collaborated with the Taliban?

Just one month ago, the head of the Europol Law enforcement agency said that there are up to5,000 European jihadists at large who returned from Syria and attacks are expected. After the Paris attack terrorist Salah Abdelsam, Belgium’s foreign minister said at least 30 people are suspected of involvement in the attacks and are at large.  The European intelligence agencies monitored online communications but failed (again) to prevent a multiple attacks. How did a suicide bomber manage to enter an airport? Why were there no metal detectors at the entrance to the airport?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed over one million of unscreened migrants from the Middle East and North Africa to enter Europe. Salah Abdelsam was a second generation French citizen but his parents were from Morocco. The economy now is probably generally worse than it was when his parents came to France. If he radicalized is it not possible many new migrants will radicalize even faster? Now integration is even more difficult and unemployment is prevalent among youth. Why in the world would Merkel want unscreened migrants to enter Europe when her own youth is unemployed? How many more terrorist attacks will take place on European soil by IS-jihadists thanks to “Refugees Welcome”? In conflicts and terror attacks that will ensue, who will profit? And will the state not inevitably turn into a police state and control the population while the economy deteriorates?

As the global economy is in a structural, irredeemable crisis and war and conflict are profitable for the few, can we honestly say that the elites do not wish to see more wars, more terrorism and more conflicts? Do they have any other way to see profits surge? Can we trust the media owned by the same elites?