History Shows Jews can Only Rely on Themselves for Self Defense

History Shows Jews can Only Rely on Themselves for Self Defense

[Picture via State Library of Victoria]
Today is the Holocaust Day in Israel, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that history shows that Jews could only rely on themselves for self defense.

Netanyahu is right.

Let’s face it, many people don’t really like the Jews one way or another.  Even the Allies who fought against Nazi Germany knew about the concentration camps years before and did not bother to bomb them.

And even the USSR which saved millions of Jews from Poland – and secured the victory against Nazi Germany due to the Red Army where millions of Jews served – later became anti-Semitic in the early 1950s as Jews were placed in prison due to paranoia about a doctors’ plot to poison Stalin, many Jewish Communists were killed, and Jews in general were seen as disloyal.

But, let’s take Netanyahu at his word. He said: “We must be able to defend ourselves, by ourselves, against every threat and against every enemy. This is the only way to truly guarantee our future.”

Powerful words, no doubt. But if Jews “must be able to defend” themselves by themselves, than that means Israel cannot rely on the United States to defend it. It should not.

Having US as an ally is fine, but turning one’s sovereignty to the US, taking orders from Uncle Sam, and being unable to survive without the US, are very different things.

Just several days ago, Trump’s White House spokesperson made the ridiculous claim that Hitler did not gas his own people the way Syrian President Assad (supposedly, it should be mentioned) is gassing them. Of course, he ignored the extermination of Jews and Soviet prisoners by gas.

Sean Spicer ignored the gassing of German Jews by the Nazis, unless he thinks that the German Jews were not German citizens, which is untrue.

As expected, Netanyahu did not say anything about these ignorant words, though Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz bravely did. He denounced the ignorance of the spokesperson of the supposed-leader of the supposed-free world.

Israel is brutal towards the Palestinians, there is no doubt, and this may or may not have to do with its needs for self-defense.

But it is also clear that Jews are unsafe in many places around the world and that many people don’t have too much love for the Jews one way or another.

Crimes committed to enable Israel’s establishments were not, in my opinion, crimes committed by colonialists seeking to colonize a land that was not theirs, but crimes committed by a prosecuted people who were fleeting extermination.

History does shows that only Jews must be in charge of their own survival, not because others permit them, but because they have to take on the initiative if they wish to survive.

At the same time, ‘survival’ does not mean selling weapons around the world, supporting dictatorships in Latin America, and supporting regime-changes and carnages throughout the Middle East, all actions that the Israeli government took in the past, and still does, all the while playing on the victim card and abusing the memory of the Jews exterminated by the fascist regimes between 1941 and 1945.

But it also shows that Israel cannot rely on the US for its survival. After all, the US blocked entry of Jewish refugees during World War II, and Kissinger withheld weapons from Israel in its 1973 war.

Of course, AIPAC and other organizations which seek to demolish US and Israel’s capacities for independent foreign policies, pretend that US will always be an ally of Israel and vice versa. But an empire is an empire, and US interests may change in the future.

When that point comes, if it does, Israel that already alienated the rest of the world, will have no other allies, and will be forced to defend itself by itself.

Which is to say, just because Jews must be self-reliant, does not mean they should seek allies where they can find them, even knowing full well that they must have the final initiative.

Just as Israel must rely on itself, over-dependence on the US is not good for Israel’s survival. But, of course, Netanyahu did not bother to say that.