Istanbul: Harmonious in its Contradictions

Istanbul: Harmonious in its Contradictions

By Joshua Tartakovsky, 25 August 2017

Those who do not encounter the hospitality and kindness of random people in Istanbul are simply missing out. As usual the beauty and the ugliness are mixed. One night I got scammed in Taksim (being lulled into a hooker’s club) and the next night a stranger ran after me handing me my smartphone after I forgot it in an empty cafĂ©.

Youth, guys and girls, old and young, total strangers, dance together folk dances as the sun sets over the Bosphorus (video in ownership of writer). Istanbul, a mix of dualities and magnificent in its beauty that it turns even the most hardened person into a mystic.

The city of opposites, harmonious in its contradictions.

Its beating hard is stronger than any peripheral calamity.