We Live in a Broken World

We Live in a Broken World

(Photo by Joshua Tartakovsky (C) All Rights Reserved 2017).  

By Joshua Tartakovsky, November 4, 2017

We live in a broken world.

We have Donald Trump, a total baffoon, as the US president, the leader of the so-called Free World.  We have Putin, a visionless leader who cannot provide for the majority of the people who lives outside of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but succeeds in cynical real-politik games that don’t solve the problems we face, as the leader of Russia. In China we have President Xi, who, in great wisdom is leading China into a glorious direction while creating win-win opportunities for others via the One Belt – One Road initiative. But even China, with its immense potential, does not have a vision for the future that encompasses the global besides its own interests.

We have a major crisis on all fronts, where the economy is not providing for most and companies are moving to automation. The system is collapsing and there are fractions all over the world, but we cannot see an alternaitve. Yet.

What is the solution? No one knows, but we will have to think of one. Perhaps the answer will come from blockchain technology, perhaps from natural medicine, perhaps from holistic thinking, perhaps from yin yang, perhaps from Chinese wisdom. Perhaps from people taking the best from tradition and the best from modernity.

We will have to think of a solution since with time, it will become clear, that the current path we are on is unsustainable.

What is certain is that, as Albert Einstein said, the mindset that created the problem is not the same mindset that can solve the problem.