The Death of the West

The Death of the West

(Image: Taken from ‘Toronto Behind Barbed Wire Fence ‘ video. Copyright of

By Joshua Tartakovsky, 25 August 2017


The death of the west may well be a blessing for humanity.

Its dualistic, goal-oriented, ego-drived mindset is already deep at work destroying all traditional things (the idea of sacrifice and pain, friendship, community, the nuclear family), everything that is not work-related or technology-related.

It abhors balanced living, respect for nature (that is only to be used as commodities but humans are not seen as part of it).

Harmony and balance are evidently out of the question, only domination.

I don’t know whether this is the true state of the west or an aberration of it. It is less important.

What we know is that the west is now leading successfully the atomization of all things.

In any scenario, it is committing suicide on its own.