The Google Scandal: Points to Consider

The Google Scandal: Points to Consider

Apparently now it’s illegal to say men and women have biological differences or different traits.(Photo by AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, via the Associated Press as published on

Joshua Tartakovsky, August 7 2017

The Financial Times of 6 August 2017 reportsGoogle hit by controversy over memo about gender ‘differences’: Unnamed male engineer asserts biological reasons for tech sector inequality. The Associated Press: “an internal commentary from an employee suggested [that] women don’t get ahead in tech jobs because of biological differences.” The employee suggested that women “prefer jobs in social and artistic areas” while more men “may like coding because it requires systemizing.”

What happened? What is the wrath all about?

A Google employee dared mention that men and women are inclined towards different professions has received the scorn and hate of the mainstream liberal press which has long adopted the most radical feminist anti-humanity narrative.

Apparently now it’s illegal to say men and women have biological differences or different traits. Not that there are not notable exceptions. In fact, there are plenty of women who are scientists and outweigh thousands of men. Those who claim otherwise are simply ignorant.

Yet, there is a big difference between recognizing women can excel in jobs occupied traditionally by men, to forcing our fantasies and ideals on biology will not change biology, even if if they are a result of tens thousands of years of conditioned behavior. The desire to erase all differences and pretend this will bring artificial equality can only result in suffering and misery for most. Women and men have different tendencies and inclinations, and different strengths and weaknesses. There are exceptions, but these exceptions only prove the rule. Why must men and women kill their soul to make a living and to conform to hypermodern society?


The problem goes deeper: the fear of making any kind of generalization is the problem.  Individualist thinking, so common in our day and age, where everything comes down to self-promotion and self-empowerment, does not allow for us to make any kind of generalization about a majority, not for people to think beyond personal ambition. But people are social species, by nature. This is one more natural trait feminist-capitalists ignore. 

Moreover, men and women can excel in the same jobs, but for different using and due to their distinctive unique traits. What is so hard to understand about that? Why fall for simplifications and into hatred of men and of women’s natural powers, bordering on religious bigotry and fanaticism? 

Furthermore, even from a goal-oriented perspective, if a woman can excel in a particular job such as scientific research, for example, since she relies mostly on her intuition that allows her to reach the results faster, what is the problem with that? Why harmonize all differences and impose a forced cold rationalization? Why cut off the sexual organs and traits of men and women?

How miserable will our society become, as it is already becoming, how life-less, once women and men seek to erase all differences and distinctions. This is indeed the age of robots.

Indeed, corporate jobs desire robots, those who will obey blindly as machines. We are being lobotomized not without reason. Only by cutting off any genuine connection to our personalities and characters, to our integral self, can we be made to obey and perform the task ahead.

This is not true for all jobs.  Women and men who work as entrepreneurs or own their own businesses can use freely their own gifts.

Feminism forcing artificial-equality is in service of corporate capitalism then. How unsurprising.

Nevertheless, a pity. Corporations could thrive from employees putting in their unique traits and talents  into the task.

A holistic approach, one that recognizes that (most) men and women are different and have unique traits to offer which is what make them special,  is one entirely ignored by the artificial-equality fanatics. Instead they seek to rob women and men of their gifts and impose a secular, capitalist super-rationality version on all, one that does not allow women and men to use their natural gifts and strengths.

On a side note, note how it has become difficult to Google the Google scandal and find the right story. For me, anyway, though perhaps I was lazy. That is the problem with monopolies that have absolute power. They can block information. Yes, even Google.