Update on Cataluña/Catalunya

Update on Cataluña/Catalunya

(Photo by Joshua Tartakovsky, 2014 All Rights Reserved).

By Joshua Tartakovsky, 14 October 2017

It is clear following the announcement of the Catalonian president who seeks a negotiated solution that the Catalonian government does not have the courage nor the stamina to declare independence.

What kind of aspiring independent state seeks to negotiate with a government that sent a police to smash the skulls of elderly and women who went to vote? Only a colony.

Even Israel knows that Palestinians will not rush to surrender after a bombardment.

No wonder then that the Spanish government gave the Catalans 8 days to abolish their declaration of independence or else they will lose even that which was gained, i.e. limited autonomy.

The government of Spain knows that the Catalan independence movement is composed of middle class people at its core who seek to pay less taxes to the central government and who will not lift up arms to fight for their freedom.

Puigdemont capitulated already, not Madrid, rightly, wants full surrender. The Catalans are going to be humiliated until the last moment. A people which does not bold enough to shed blood of others and fight for freedom deserves to be humiliated and stepped on by the boots of pro Franco militias.

Arriba España, entonces.