Jerusalem: 10 minutes of human movement

Jerusalem:  10 minutes of human movement

Video of human movement by Jaffa Gate during Passover/Easter.

As traditionally the various communities of Jerusalem live in separate areas (in Palestinian East Jerusalem and Jewish West Jerusalem), the Old City is a unique arena in which one may see Hassidic Jews, tourist groups, couples, religious families,  Muslims, Orthodox priests,  Mizrahi Jews, religious Zionists, Palestinians and Israelis all walking peacefully in the same space.

However, there is a caveat.

On minute 5:13, a Palestinian youth is detained by two female soldiers. This is common practice in East Jerusalem as Israeli soldiers frequently seek out people who appear to them as Palestinian, in order to see if they have an Israeli ID or permission to visit. Most Palestinians in the West Bank are not allowed to visit Jerusalem and such permissions are rarely granted.


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