Netanyahu Siempre: A Few Questions for the Israeli Left

Netanyahu Siempre: A Few Questions for the Israeli Left

Following Netanyahu’s expected reelection by a large margin, here are a few questions to the Labour and Mertez parties and to the racist Ashkenazi Left in general:


Did you ever consider not mocking the Mizrahi Jews for their religious beliefs? No.


Did you ever consider forming a wide social party with Arabs and Mizrahi Jews at its core (along with all other discriminated minorities) that will challenge the neoliberal Zionist establishment? No.


Did you ever consider living with Palestinians as your neighbors in the same community? No.


Did you ever consider that the West which you try to emulate is entire hypocritical? No.


Would you have ever agreed to be in a party led by Ayman Odeh or Arye Deri? No.


Do you realize that you are not in Europe and that in some traditions it is common or people to have more than one wife?  No.

So, enjoy Netanyahu.


As a side note, I must give a compliment to fellow Israeli citizens:

They gave the finger to external forces, from the US to Scandinavian countries, who intervened in domestic elections and tried to topple Netanyahu.

As I said in the past, what made me understand the Palestinians was not forcible arguments made by northern Europeans but real contacts with Palestinians and Muslims.

Any additional headache for the Empire is a good thing.

Secondly, I’m quite pleased that Netanyahu will continue, and will not be replaced by the Aryan boy-scout poster boy Herzog who probably is a closet-racist far more than Bibi but will never admit it.

Thirdly, the Joint List as a third largest party is a significant victory for minority groups.

The new government, when formed, will probably not complete its term.

Election results reflect the deep divisions within society which hamper the ability of a government to proceed as it is forced to cater to diverse demands. However, for the time being Netanyahu is the unmatchable leader (not that he leads, but anyway).

Obama and the State Department must be worried today. Let them eat what they cooked.

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